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Providing the Best, Repeatable and Standardized Way of Going to Market Across Partners

Welcome to the Deltak Marketing Playbook, a centralized digital resource for training and standardization on "who we are" and “how we market”. As we build deeper expertise within individual practice areas, our goal is to ensure that integration between Marketing practices, and with other Deltak departments, is efficient and effective. This repository tool allows for greater consistency and depth across all functional areas within Deltak Marketing Services as it documents the rationale, approach, and process for how programmatic marketing is to be executed. 

Beyond the benefits to programmatic marketing, the Deltak Marketing Playbook also supports on-boarding and training needs. Orientation courses address common questions and themes related to history, core values, org structure, functional areas, etc. Practice-specific courses address talent management and standard operating procedures that are unique to each team of SME’s.

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